New Widows, a golfer, and a bride


Amidst all the news of the daily tripe of who’s taking away your healthcare, and who’s committing fraud, and whose words are treasonous … amidst footsteps I cannot follow and other breadcrumbs I’m inspired to pick up. Amidst news that one dear friend just lost her husband early this morning and another dear friend is losing her beloved dog within the week. Both are terrible losses, and I make no judgment over which woman might suffer more.

They’ll both suffer.

And then, amidst new earrings that make my ears itch, and finding the first mid-spring scorpion in the house (who needed to be swiftly put out of its misery), and a houseful of beloved family and guests, and their pets … I’m nevertheless watchful over my dear, sweet Dan.

He’s been extra tired lately. I’m watching him.

He’s still going to the golf course, because that’s what he does. He’s a golfer. No, let me rephrase. He. IS. A. Golfer. That’s who Dan is. He’s recently said that if he can’t play golf, he won’t know what to do. My ears itch … did I mention that?

Then again, I’m gloriously happy. My Dan IS. Still. A. Golfer. I have family here for another week and all that means. A granddaughter is having a wedding. We’re all happy and smiling.

And I’ll do my best to not follow breadcrumbs. For a week.


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