Lub dub …

Lub dub, lub dub, lub uh-oh.

Four years ago, My Dan suffered a massive heart attack during a simple angiogram procedure. He received three stents in the right artery, and then another stent following a second MI that evening. He had a third MI the next morning and was diagnosed with right-sided, diastolic heart failure, kidney failure, and now liver failure caused by his heart. He’s survived prostate cancer and lung cancer. He dabbles in some type 2 diabetes, and cognitive impairment. I think that’s plenty enough for one guy to endure.

Following a 2-week hospital stay and a 2-week skilled nursing / rehab facility stay, My Dan is now home. He turned 75 while in the nursing facility.

We want to tell you what it’s like for a guy like Dan to have multiple comorbidities (diseases), and for a wife to participate as his caregiver. We are strong, but we’re struggling. We love that you might follow our journey. If there’s something you might gain from us, we’re honored to share. In the meantime, please know you are loved and we thank you for reading.

We’ve started a Caring Bridge blog and will duplicate the blog here, so you can go where you find it most comfortable to read.

Know, however, that at this page, you’ll also get the latest info on what’s happening with my work on my recent book … a MYSTERY this time. It’s appropriate for me because these days, life is indeed a mystery.

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