One Happy Sea Change


We talked
Three nights ago
We talked.

My Dan is a brilliant thinker,
While I’m slow.
So very slow.
Slow is okay, he says.
Brilliant is better, I say.

He said he was happy.
He said we’ll all die at some time.
He reminded me that I could go first.
Then he said he’d love if he’d go on the golf course,
Or the bookstore—either would be grand,

While I’d sadly go, still fussing over whether
He’s happy or not.

He’s happy, he said.
He’s Pharrell Williams “Happy,” he said.

With his words, My Dan changed my seas.

Thank you, My Beautiful Husband.
Thank you, Sea Change.
Thank you, Pharrell.
Thank you, Happy!

2 thoughts on “One Happy Sea Change

  1. Oh, my goodness!!!!!!!!! I know I have used this expression many times over the past few years reading my friend’s writings, but…this is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!