The Bottom of the Cup

My Dan. a cylinder of efficiency;
One day, a golfing wizard,
The next, struggling to pull his putt
From the bottom of the cup.

Yesterday, we met with a nurse from the
Arizona Palliative Home Care folks.
She was beautiful. Smiling. Informative.
She gave us a packet.

My Dan is eligible for hospice.
He’s not ready.
He still in argument with life
And death…and low sodium … and cheese.

So, we chose Palliative Care.
We’ll keep him free from
Pain and missed putts.

I’ll gather myself as I can.

And I’ll cook with Parmesan cheese.

One thought on “The Bottom of the Cup

  1. I just found your blog – you posted a link on Facebook. Where you talked about your Dan, his eye, your lives. My heart breaks a little, for you, for Dan, for everyone I love and everything we will all lose, at some point. And I love your spareness, the spaces between your words. I love your thoughtfulness and your quiet voice. I just wanted you to know that. That’s all.