A Sister and a Super Moon

My sister was quiet today.
Not her usual quietude of wordlessness,
Yet still showing off a riot of facial expressions,
Shoulder shrugs,
Head nodding yes,
Small head shakes of no.
Nose crinkles,
Eye rolls.


Today, her body was quiet.
She seemed less able to track my words,
Her eyes drifted downward,

I think my sister is becoming weary.
Alzheimer’s rides heavy on the shoulders
Of its people.


I think she’s displaying weariness…
Or maybe it’s just a hot summer Phoenix day,
So soon after
The rising tide of
A Super Moon.

2 thoughts on “A Sister and a Super Moon

  1. It can be easy to forget how hard it is for them, when it’s been a long day and being patient is hard for YOU, but you’re so right. It has to be exhausting for them. My mom would try a few times to find words, then just sigh and give up.