0 thoughts on “Vote

  1. That’s the best political/election “ad” I’ve seen. And yes, I voted, even though our respective votes for the “top” spot probably cancel each other out.

  2. I loved this little boy. Indi-vidi-vid-ible. So darling. This was a historic election, no matter how you sliced it. Either the first African American president, the first woman vice president, or the most senior president made this an exciting time to be an American.

    No matter how it turned out, none of us canceled anyone out. We all made history! All of us.

  3. Those of you living in Arizona should be proud to have John McCain as one of your senators. I thought his speech conceding the election to Barack Obama was masterful and moving. While the election didn’t turn out the way I had hoped, I do feel the excitement of change. I hope that all Americans will come together to support our next President, and that those formerly opposed to his candicacy will at least allow him to prove himself.