Sleeping in Clown Shoes

I have now a thingy called an Aircast that wraps around my ankle and up each side of my left leg, giving my wobbly parts some stability.  It gives me the ability to walk with more freedom than the former cumberson “walking” boot I had.  That boot absolutely HAD to get the boot.

Now with the Aircast, I can get around much better.  The only problem is a shoe thing.  The plastic material won’t fit inside my shoes … BUT … ta da! my husband has nice big feet and the Aircast fits inside his much wider shoe. 

This is great! 

I can walk again as long as I wear the aircast and Dan’s shoes — that means day and night.

So I go to bed now with a little prayer that we won’t have to call out the fire department in the middle of the night.  I’d sure have a hard time explaining why I wear clown shoes to bed.


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