Breakfast in America

This morning, people across this country shared breakfast and hopefulness.  Yesterday we elected our first African American president.  Soon he will live in a house that was built in part by slaves.

Last night people cried under the words of a simple man.  Healing began.  A nation embraced the common purpose of being a rising tide.  We shall lift all boats.  We shall be greater than we think we are.  We are a shared sacrifice that can move this world toward greatness.

We are a happy ending and we shall capture everyone into that common purpose.  There may be disappointment from some.  There may be angry tears.  But this is America and we are one people.

Barack Obama is a President for all.  We are one day away from defining people by the color of their skin.  Whether you wanted him or not, because of what we did on this day … in this defining moment, we shall be a changed people.

We shall be humble.

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