These Days

Phoenix is either dusty brown or muted green — rarely any other color.  Even today, with the temperature still at 94 degrees, it’s hard to find another color … unless you remember to look at the sun now and then as it makes its way down the sky.

So I search for pictures like this to remind my eyes about seasons and the drama that happens inside of trees.  

0 thoughts on “These Days

  1. Still 94 degrees! Gosh, we feel like it’s a heat wave if we get to 54 these days. I’ve had to scrape ice off the windows quite a few mornings to go to work. I can remember being on station just outside of the Persian gulf, with the temperature, the humidity and the sea temperature all at around 85. “They” showed RAMBO over ship’s television(WFID or WFOR)and those scenes filmed in the British Columbia forests looked so cool and inviting. (I happened to meet David Morrell who wrote RAMBO at my first PNWA conference and told him about watching the film in those circumstances…to which he replied that Stallone nearly got frostbite filming those scenes.)

  2. You make me almost … ALMOST … feel grateful for our nearly triple digit temperatures. I hear it’s going to cool down here in the next day or so to a more tolerable 85 degrees. No, there’s no ice scraping going on around here. No siree!