I’ve Never Seen …

I’ve never seen an ice storm in Phoenix.  Frost, certainly.  But never an ice storm.  Not like this.

Maybe cactus spines aren’t long enough for icicles to grab hold of.  Maybe storms filled with ice and vengance simply go where they can hang from trees like pointed reminders of whatever irks you.

But in Phoenix?  Naw.  We just get scorpions in our shoes.

3 thoughts on “I’ve Never Seen …

  1. We had an ice storm in Spokane about twelve years ago. Nasty…a lot of trees came down and a lot of power lines. Some folks were without power for quite a long time. It wasn’t really cold for the time of year, but for those without power or heat it was brutal. My understanding of what happened here was that the atmosphere was warmer at the higher levels. It rained, and as the droplets fell through the cooler layers of air nearer the earth, they super cooled. Then when they struck the cold objects on the ground they froze instantly. The windows on my car looked as if they were privacy glass, the kind they put in restrooms, etc.
    Did you see the thing about candy on the History Channel. Somewhere you can buy lolli-pops with an actual small scorpion embedded in them. They’re supposed to be good…crunchy! And yes, if you recall from my article I wrote at your request, one of the squadrons I was in was known as the Scorpions. Being that we were an electonic warfare/tactical jamming squadron, we sometimes referred to ourselves as ELECTRIC ARRACHNIDS.”

  2. Electric Arrachnids! I LOVE it. Way to go, Navy Man. I’m not so sure about candied scorpions but I hear they’re great when they’re breaded and deep fried.

    As far as ice storms, I remember some pretty wild now-and-then storms in Portland. Silver thaws. Oh, yes. I remember those silver thaws.