Chicken Hair?

I should only be so lucky

I should be so lucky.  Chicken Hair!  Now, why didn’t I think of that?

Thanks to my dear friends and readers who were kind in their responses (please see previous post), uplifting, funny and generous.  Thank you all — and Yay —  HATS TO ALL!!!!

Each person who so kindly responded to my frantic plea will receive a free, all expenses paid, lovely baseball hat.  Suitable for those bad-hair days and perfect for Mall-walking or that early morning workout when you don’t want anyone to see your bed-head before you’ve showered.

I’ll send one out to Dave whose first-out-of-the-box response serves to remind me that acceptance begins with me.  One for Tom whose kindness is beyond measure.  One for Lisa whose concern made me laugh and cry and know that I’m missed when I spend a week dying on the couch.  (I’ll not brush my hair again without thinking of it as Chicken Feathers.)  Then, there’s one for each of Lisa’s dear girls who grew their hair for the sole purpose of donating it to others.  These are SPECIAL children.  Girls who’ve learned early on that the evidence of value lies in what we do for others … not what we GET from someone else.

In the meantime the hair saga goes on, but I have the image of a chicken now in my memory bank with feathers that any Dancing Bird would admire.  If only that chicken could teach me the Salsa … oh, life would be so complete.

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