I Like It!

I’m searching for a new hairdo.  One that will accentuate my beautiful eyes.  One that screams … “It’s Me and I’m Gorgeous!”  One that conversely is natural and humble.  One that DEFIES GRAVITY.

I’m taking this picture to my hairdresser tomorrow.

I’m done now with obsessing over the hair thing.  Yet one more (male) doctor confirmed this morning that I’m just gonna be a bald woman.  No big deal.  This doctor, however, tossed out the thought that a shorty hairdo might be attractive on me.  I give up on these doctor dudes who can look a terrified woman in the eye and tell her with all the matter-of-factness that it’s no big deal.  What hutzpa!

So, I’m done with the subject.  I guess being bald in the desert is not so awful.  Hey, maybe I’ll be cooler than my thick-haired sisters.

So, it’s on to brighter and more lovely ideas and notions.

The fan in my office has been squeaking lately.  Dan, my man, my hero, my fixer, changed it for me yesterday.  We found a suitable replacement at one of the big-box stores (we’ll talk later about big-boxes and why I think they were invented by Satan).  The new light/fan is lovely, stylish, and even has a remote.  A REMOTE!  I LOVE remotes.  They’re so … portable.  I can actually attach this one to my hip, as I did last night.  I thrust my hip toward my husband.  “Have you seen my remote?” I purred.

It was a good night last night.

In the dark, he can’t tell that I look like Cheetah.

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