More on Characters

Continuing with my discussion of character development, I’d like to discuss those lesser characters … you know, the folks who drop by now and then to say howdy, only to leave a package of misery for your main character to rise above, and then smile their way on out the door.

I’d like to especially talk about the anti-hero – that evil character who always throws monkey wrenches about for our hero or heroin to deflect.

I’m currently working on a story where murder and mayhem ensue. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve never committed a murder. Heck, I’ve never even stolen so much as a candy bar. Yet, here I am, letting a maniac roam the halls of my mind … letting him take hold of my thoughts while I figure out how to foil him.

I wonder how others do this. How does one commit evil deeds and live to tell about it? Many have said we need to write that of which we know. How did Hitchcock do it? How about Stephen King with his frightening characters? There are so many authors of mystery and terror, who are nice, sweet people. I can’t imagine Anne Rice actually hung out with Vampires before she changed her writing focus. So, I wonder … how DO they do it?

Any thoughts?

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