Here’s a Question for You

I’ve talked recently of character development and how their development processed through my first two novels. Naively, the structure of the characters in those works came easily; they simply presented themselves within the framework of this writer’s vivid imagination. I’m curious, however, how other writers select character qualities. What do you do to bring forth vibrant characters that sing across your pages? Do you do sketches? Outlines? Or do you just wing it?

I’m now enjoying the fun of writing a genre novel, complete with all its plot-driven changes and turns. The multi-tasking efforts of creating compelling story, using words and language to convey story over character emphasis, is a large task indeed. I love it! I’m thriving under its challenge. I see why others do it.

Still, I wonder how others write. Do you pick your story first, or does a character come-a-knocking at your door, breathlessly whispering in your ear? Does it all happen in the span of an eye blink, or do you plot and diagram endlessly before you begin?

Please tell me. I want to know.

One thought on “Here’s a Question for You

  1. The more I look at the main character in my first completed novel, the more I see myself. The novel certainly isn’t biographical although certqain instances are based on personal experiences. I’m trying to answer your question and find it gets more complex as I think about it. Say ‘Peehen’ reflects me, then where did his twin brother come from? He just happened and the better I got to know him, the more fun I had building him into tne story. Henry’s wife also came out of the blue, where her personality comes from, I’m not sure. I imagined she wouldn’t say sh– under any circumstances,but she fooled me. I love it when characters take over. ‘nough said, I’ll leave space for others, Gordon.