Behold! The Mystical List of Hases


What can I say?  Sometimes it just doesn’t do to place something on one’s Magical List of Onces.

Thus, Behold!  Another item for my Mystical List of Hases.

Perhaps tomorrow we shall explore the Mysterious List of Maybes … or the Fantastical List of Possibilities.  Note, those lists are interchangeable and mostly confusing as they sometimes intertwine between the Magical List of Onces and the Mystical List of Hases.

Baffled?  Me too.

Still, I am such a failure to have moved this lovely chair from my Magical List of Onces to my Mystical List of Hases.  But who could blame me?  Certainly not HGTV, which now has a parental block placed on it by my husband.


3 thoughts on “Behold! The Mystical List of Hases

  1. Good lookin’ chair! Hope it’s comfy! That would be the main thing to think about in my mind. We’ve got a rather nice set of leather living room furniture, sofa, loveseat, and chair that look great. For just sitting and watching TV and conversing, they are fine. The particular proportions of these seats, however, make it nearly impossible to seat and read comfortably.

  2. Thanks, Dave. The chair is totally comfy and is a perfect fit for me. I love its smaller design and I especially love the way it keeps me awake while reading. We used to have a life-sucking couch that rendered anyone unconscious within five minutes of sinking into it’s magnificent folds. Two hours later, it would spit its occupant out … but not before taking all the quarters from your pocket, leaving you groggy and wondering how you had lost hours of time and all your money.

    The Poodle Chair is much kinder.


  3. Just the sort of couch one needs when you entertain a lot. A search through the cushions the next morning might provide enough change to off set a portion of what was spent on dinner the evening before.