An Honorary Dancing Bird

I’m often asked how I chose the name, Dancing Birds, for my blog. My standard answer has always been because I recognize that we’re all like little birds, dancing through our days, and hopefully doing so with a song on our lips and life in our hearts.

That’s the short version.

The longer version would include an explanation of my passion for brain science (following my own brain tumor) and how I came to write an award-winning work of fiction (entitled, All the Dancing Birds — yeah, go figure). The story was carefully researched and loosely based on personal observations of family members and friends whose bravery in dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease compelled me to tell about this baffling and terrifying disease … and to tell it from their side. I hope one day to see the story published and in the hands of every person who might someday serve as a caregiver for someone who suffers from brain illness or injury.

Right now, let’s just say I’m fascinated with the elegance of thought … even those of the little birds who come now and then to dance on my patio for what seems the sheer and simple joy of it.

Today, I found this video that demonstrates better than I could ever articulate what it is to be a Dancing Bird. Thank you, Bobby McFerrin, for pointing out the power of the pentatonic scale in the context of neuroscience.

P.S. For my friends who can’t view this video, you can find it here:

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  1. That is truly fantastic. I just love him. And what a terrific illustration for those of us who are less “cerebral”.