What Color Are You?

Hindu devotees played with color yesterday during celebrations of Holi, the festival of colors, in the streets near the Bankey Bihari Temple in Vrindavan, India. The festival is meant to welcome spring and win the blessings of gods for good harvests and fertility of the land.

The tradition of playing with colors on Holi draws its roots from a legend of Radha and the Hindu god Krishna. It is believed that young Krishna was jealous of Radha’s fair complexion. Krishna questioned his mother Yashoda on the darkness of his own complexion. Yashoda teasingly asked him to color Radha’s face in whichever color he wanted. The tradition of applying color on one’s beloved is being religiously followed to this date.

That now begs the question — What color would you like to be?  Let me know and I’ll think of you today as your favorite color.  You could even be several colors if you’d like.  There are no limits to the imagination.  Make your choice.  Ready?  Go!

4 thoughts on “What Color Are You?

  1. All the loveliest shades of purple and pink, please…and deep, velvety royal blue, thanks. mmmmmmm

    That’ll do. 🙂

    I feel better already!

  2. And you are now and forever purple, pink and deep, velvety royal blue. Forever in my mind. I know those colors exactly because they are mine as well … only if you add in an emerald green for good measure.