Auburn’s To-Do List

  1. Crack open that box of wine because escrow closed on our house — yay!
  2. Celebrate National Pi Day on 3/14 … or as the Pi purists would type … 3.14.
  3. Have someone explain to me exactly what Pi is.
  4. Start packing … or, better yet, hire someone else to do all that pesky packing — someone who will see the impressive size of my underpants and forget about that gold watch in the drawer they were thinking of pocketing.
  5. Sort through all the extraneous stuff.
  6. Buy more extraneous stuff.
  7. Make more to-do lists.
  8. Have someone explain to me just WHY to-do lists are so ridiculously valuable.
  9. Shred all those silly lists because I never follow them anyway.
  10. Have another piece of Pi — Hahahahaha!

0 thoughts on “Auburn’s To-Do List

  1. “Pi R squared!” Don’t know what sort of pie pans you use, but most pies are round!” Then there are “raised pies” where the crust or “coffin” is actually raised up on a flat pan. They were popular a couple hundred years ago…usually meat type pies, perhaps the forerunners of Chicken/Turkey/Beef Pot Pies. I think the original intent was that the crust was the pot.

  2. Beautiful explanation of pie … or is that Pi? However it’s spelled, you’ve managed to make me quite hungry. I’ll see you all the the kitchen!

  3. I think “to do” lists are kind of like New Year’s Resolutions. You make’em and break’em, or you just don’t get them all done. Much easier to not make’em in the first place.