The Ladies of the Lake


Why are you still here?  These are the late and

Earnest days.  Ladies, your toes are

Gathering frost as you stand at the

Edge of this hardening lake.


Your eyes have long stopped following

Your ganders who’ve flown away from your

Slender necks and your soft feathers; I see you

Flurrying in the shredding wind. 


The day is unleafing; your chatter is fierce like

Women gossiping on a southern porch over

Bowls of snap peas and fluttering fans.

Ladies, what are you doing?


The light is turning thin and you’ve

Emptied my hands of bread and benevolence.

The dimlight steps into your wings, hurrying you

To finish your business, me to turn up my collar.


The lake is freezing over and we must

Go our different ways. We say goodbye and

Leave, ridiculously believing the lake will soften

Tomorrow and I will spend next winter,


In Palm Springs.

                                      Auburn McCanta

I somehow managed to bypass Palm Springs and ended up in Phoenix.  Nevertheless, my thoughts go out to those whose toes may need warming, whose stomachs may need filling this day.  As our economy continues to flag, I send out my best thoughts to those who need a roof, a meal and a warm day in Phoenix.


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