Big Boy Wilson


Here’s Wilson just before entering big boy boot camp.  He’ll be there one more week, but today I had a visit with him.  I drove up just as he was completing a walk. 

Yes, I said, a WALK!  Not a drag down the street by a huge hairy dog.  A Walk.

Two weeks ago, Wilson’s concept of the world and his place in it was more on the lines of center-of-the-universe, I’m too sexy for my fur, yup, yup, let me jump into your face because I can.

Now, he’s the calm dog, sporting a red Service Dog vest, heeling, sitting, downing … completely Mister Big Boy at the end of a leash.  Our (hysterical with joy if he thought you had a cookie in your pocket ) dog has, in the space of two short weeks, become a grown up, well-mannered and obedient.

I wonder where these folks hide the alien dog brains, ’cause this sure isn’t OUR Wilson.

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