If it Falls …

If it falls from my head
and lands anywhere near my fingers,
it may end up here
or at least somewhere near here.

But if it falls from my head
while my hands are in the car, driving
from here to there,
it’s liable to be found at the side of the road.

And if it falls from my head
while I’m showering,
it’s liable to be
just another thought that’s all wet anyway.

Auburn McCanta

P.S.  Here’s a very fun site for those who are believers in fairy tales.

0 thoughts on “If it Falls …

  1. Had you been here a week or so ago, you perhaps could have added a verse about it falling in the snow and being a thought frozen in time! It’s warmed up considerably over the past few days and the snow is quickly lessening in depth and disappearing from the roads and walkways.

  2. Ah, yes (she says, smacking her forehead) … snow! We desert rats always forget about the snow. It’s all that sand in our brains.

    I’m happy to hear Washington is drying out a bit. You really need some relief in some parts of the state.