Back to School Day

Wilson began today what we might think of as the equivalent to a Masters Degree program.  He’s gone through grade school, high school, college (where he received his Canine Good Citizen award) and now he’s studing to become a Service Dog.

Wilson, the hole-digging, rock-eating, leash-pulling dog!  Yes, the same dog who started this morning by eating a Poinsettia leaf, causing me to have to quickly induce vomiting (which he performed quite nicely all over the bottom of his crate and then on the family room rug).  This is going to be a Service Dog?  Oh, my.

His first lesson today was to learn to nicely heel and correctly stop.  With a loose leash.  On command, rather than when he darned well pleases.  Double oh my — Wilson keep his nose glued to my thigh and then stop when told? 

The only way I’ll get Wilson to heel in place will be to paint peanut butter on my pants.

Graduate school may be a bit harder than I envisioned. Nevertheless, we’ll continue on.  After all, we’ve ordered a snazzy red Service Dog vest with patches and everything.  Once it arrives, we’ll strap it on and head to a nice outdoor table at Starbucks.

Oh, please don’t let it be a Marley & Me moment on his first trip to the coffee shop!

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