Travelin’ in my Head


When Dan’s mother passed away this past September, he took bunches of tranquilizers (strongly ordered by our doctor) and bravely crawled into the backseat where he traveled from Phoenix to Seattle with our son at the wheel.  I couldn’t go because I was fresh with a broken leg and stuck on the couch.  The funeral was beautiful (I hear) and the graveside ceremony was lovely (I also hear).

We miss Dan’s mother terribly.  She was a beautiful woman with incredible grace.  Today we received a letter outlining Dan’s inheritance.  It’s just enough to take a small trip should Dan be so inclined and be able to step aboard a plane — something he’s not been able to do for a while now.

But the question is:  If someone were to travel anywhere in the United States, where woud be most fascinating?  We’ve never been anywhere.  Would it be the south with its trees dripping in kudzu?  Would it be the eastern seaboard big cities of Boston and New York?  Would it be Wyoming … or Minnesota … or Kansas?

Where would we go?  What would we do?  Should we drive and take our two GIANT dogs?  Should we fly and board?  So many questions about what probably won’t occur.

Such dreams.

All in all, maybe we should just stay home and hide the tiny bit of money in the mattress.

I think Boomers all over the country are wrestling with this same dilemmma.  Maybe yes … maybe no.

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  1. There’s that old saying, “Join the Navy and see the World.” From personal experience, I’d say that’s true. Aside from tours and deployments that took me overseas, I made it to many parts of this great nation. In truth, many of the places I can say I’ve been, are merely because the plane I was a passenger on happened to land there for fuel.

    Now it’s rare for me to go out of state…and the Idaho line is less than 30 miles away. If you travel, might I suggest any place with ties to what you are interested in. (I’d opt for Boston and OLD IRONSIDES, myself…again.)


  2. What an excellent idea to visit places that coincide with one’s interests! I’d, of course, love to visit homes where some of my favorite authors grew up. Both Dan and I also have high desire to see Boston for its historic resonance. I’d also love to see the south. Dan would like to visit golf courses … anywhere.

    If I were young enough, I WOULD join the Navy. I tried to join the Army Reserves when my kids were young, but they wouldn’t take me because I was divorced with little kids. They’d take me in a heartbeat now and I bet I’d get to see lots of the Middle East.

  3. Spent some time in the Persian Gulf/Arabian Sea areas. You wouldn’t believe how dusty it is, hundreds of miles out to sea. It all blows off the Arabian Pennisula. The area is sometimes referred to as “The Devil’s Bathtub!” 80 – 90 degrees/ 80 – 90% humidity, and water temperature of 80 degrees as well. Most Navy ships chill seawater and circulate that through cooling coils. When the seawater starts out so warm, it’s isn’t “chill water” going through the coils, but rather, “lukewarm water” and one might as well not have any sort of cooling system.

  4. Gee, if I want that I can just stay in Phoenix. There’s no such thing as cool for at least six months out of the year. We’re still in the mid to upper 70s. The only difference is that it cools down at night now. The Devil’s Bathtub sounds similar except, of course, for the humidity and the sea. We just have the dust, dust, dust.

  5. Oh my dear….travelin’ just to see you would be just fine for me….

    Right now, I’m trying to travel just in the safety and security of my living room…..

    You will get to where you want to go when the time is right…


  6. Well, my dear Shelly … if travelin’ in my head means envisioning spending some time with my good and dear friend, then that’s just fine with me.

    And yes, when the time is right. When the time is right.