Where in the World?


My husband is unable to travel.  Just the thought of winding through green covered hills or flying off to exotic places makes his mind do crazy things to him.  His palms sweat, his heart races.  He flushes and stammers.  His stomach is ill.  He has debilitating panic attacks just thinking of the unfamiliar. 

Rather than drugging him to incapacitation, we stay home.  It’s not a problem.  Really.

I have those fantastic BBC videos of Planet Earth.  I watch Rick Steeve’s Europe.  I travel in books and in my dreams.  Most often in my dreams.

I wonder this, though.  Where would you like to go if you could travel anywhere?

I’d like to know where you’ve been and where you’d like to go.  I’d like to travel through your journeys.  Climb things.  Dive into cool places.  Struggle with the blinding beauty of other lands.  Touch a rose in England.  Ride an elephant or see a whale.  I’d like to be mystified.  Touch ice.  Walk on cobblestones or sit in a gondola.  Hang upside down and kiss a rock.  Dance.

Tell me where you’d like to travel.  If you could go anywhere in this world, where would it be?

Where would it be?

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