Caught on Camera

Wilson!  Caught by surveillance camera after donning his Sylvester Stallone disguise and attempting to sneak through the food line a second time.  When questioned by authorities, he defended his disgraceful behavior by pointing out that he was simply and magnanimously saving starving children from the shame of knowing that somewhere someone didn’t finish all the food on his plate.

Oh, the shame of it all.

0 thoughts on “Caught on Camera

  1. Yes! He truly is a special little boy. Eleven months now and in Advanced Class at PetSmart! I can’t wait to get the bumper sticker that says, “Canine Good Citizen on Board.” One of these days … probably a year from now … we’ll have to hire a carpenter to replace all the baseboard and door casings he’s chewed, as well as the living room carpet, but nevertheless, he’s a really good boy. And Guilt? A little, but more a happy smile that always lets us know we’re doing a good job.