I was up early yesterday morning, while it was still dark.  Early? you ask.  I’m not generally known for bounding out of bed in the wee small hours of morning.   I’m more the type to drag myself to my feet, feeling about for my coffee cup and screaming about the sun melting the retinas from my eyes.  But there was an occasion yesterday.  Something delicious for which to rise from my bed-o-slumber and drag on my clothes.

My daughter was giving birth to a beautiful boy!

At some point during the process of the morning, I watched an amazing sunrise.  Rather than their normal whispyness and flat bottoms, the clouds had shape and texture.  A bumpiness to them not normally seen in the types of clouds we get across Phoenix.  Usually, we’re either looking at streaks of bare gossimer or we’re bullied by giant thunderheads rising high above the desert floor.  As the sun touched yesterday morning’s rounded clouds, they looked like benevolent faces shining on the earth.  Seriously.  Faces looking down on us.  By the time I thought to get my camera, the faces had turned away.  But for a moment … just a mere instant … everything seemed good and right with the world and the economy.  Battlefields were empty and green with new grass — and sooty skies now contained nothing but the faces of angels shining upon the world, welcoming a new child to its family.

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