Dear, Sweet Wilson

Remember the mean dog, Max, in Wilson’s puppy classes?  The one who removes every molecule of oxygen the moment he enters a room?  The German Shephard who only understands commands in German?  The Guard Dog, Max?

He almost bit Wilson.  Let me say that again.  He almost BIT Wilson!  Right in the middle of PUPPY TRAINING CLASS!!!

As if we don’t have enough to deal with.  Nephews who might have, well, you know, that Lance Armstrong unmentionable cancer.  Websites that suddenly morph themselves into looking like something other than expected.  (Hey … Welcome to!!!! Smiley face, Smiley face)  Wives (that would be me) who buy cowhide rugs because they’re so COOL, and husbands (that would be Dan) who simply sigh and pay the bills.

Ahh … But Wilson.  Our sweet Wilson!  Puppies should be taught about rainbows and fairies.  NEVER about biting and aggressive guard dogging.  Nevertheless, that’s what Wilson learned from our PetSmart friends over the past three Saturday mornings.

This promising young Therapy Dog has learned two things over these last three weeks in his puppy class.  First, he’s learned to be fearful.  Secondly, he’s learned about AGGRESSION.  As in, I’M GOING AFTER YOU, AGGRESSION.

Wilson’s no longer in PetSmart Beginner Puppy Class.

And I’m still waiting for a good-news call about my nephew.

Oh, but … Hey (she says, her eyes still wide and wet with tears) … In the meantime, welcome to  I’m glad you found me!

I promise it won’t always be about bad dogs and scary tumors.

0 thoughts on “Dear, Sweet Wilson

  1. A-
    So glad we met because of Wilson. So glad to have been a part of bringing him into your life. Kiss him for me and tell him I am glad the mean doggy is gone.

  2. L —

    Yes, that mean doggy is all gone, Wilson’s back to his old self and loves, no, LUUUVS his new trainer.


    P.S. Wilson says, “Slurrp.” (That’s dog for kissy, kiss.)