Coming Soon to an Internet Near You

A while ago I wrote a story. It won a prize. A nice prize. A lovely prize.

Now I’m in the long and arduous process of doing what every other underpublished writer does — I’m querying agents. As I watch a query disappear into my local Postal mail slot, I stick on a teensy wish as it goes down the slot that the addressee (or an assistant) will consider the query enough to add it to the stack of letters that will receive a polite response. This is one of those things that’s hard from both sides.

From the writer’s side, it’s query … wait. Query … wait. From the agent’s side, it’s a daily avalanche of hopeful letters and unrequested manuscripts. It’s hard for us all.

Nevertheless, I’ve firmly vowed not to leave my story as just another drawer manuscript. We all have them. But, just like I’ve taken a vow to never forget someone’s birthday, or anniversary, or special day, and just as I’ve recently promised to eat my spinach, do more cardio, keep my glutenous fingers out of the donut bin at the grocery store, not forget to wash behind my ears, say I love you at least once a day, be a sainted mother to my children and the trophy wife my husband deserves. Just as I’ve declared to heaven and my husband to spend time writing actual meaningful stuff every day …

I’ve also made this semi-religious, can’t-break-my-word vow to a group of imaginary friends who live on the pages of this particular prize-winning manuscript to not let them down. Actually, I think they’re sick of me. They want bigger and better friends. They want their Andy Warhol fifteen minutes of fame. Sheesh! They are so DEMANDING.

But, a promise is a promise. So, here’s the deal. The name of my story — their story is, All the Dancing Birds. A while ago I discovered that the domain name, was available. Man, I was all over that one. SWOOP! It’s mine … all MINE! Now, my gifted webby guy, Brian Tanaka, is locating an appropriate design to use — something not too flashy, certainly not boring (a no-snoozing zone, I told him), but rather, something dignified and respectful, yet something down and dirty quick so we can get that puppy up and running. will then be used for more practical and professional writerly stuff, along with some shameless self-promotion of current and future works., however, will contain all this fun bloggy stuff, a few shout-outs to folks who share respect for those who live with brain injury or disease (Did I mention I used to have a brain tumor?). We’ll add in all the latest Wilson and Scarlett news (Did I tell you that Scarlett is to be tested as a THERAPY DOG next week? That ought to be a hoot.) I’ll describe my continued efforts to diminish my rather round and intimidating backside, and how I’m coming along with the writing of my newest manuscript.

It’ll ALL be there. Work with me, Peeps. I PROMISE you’ll love it!

When is up, I hope you’ll stop by for a glass of wine because you KNOW I’ll be having one. Come — spend some time with me and chat along as you’d like. It gets lonely out here in Bloggy-Land, you know. Think of it this way — we’re all just little birds dancing as best we can. We’re all just a bunch of absolutely beautiful, charmingly delightful — Dancing Birds!

Don’t you LOVE it? I love it.

See you there soon!

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