Here’s What I Know Today

I don’t know a lot, but today I know this:

  • A hug from a one year-old is way better than a double shot, no foam skinny latte.
  • Missing a meeting to get that hug is worth it.
  • Babysitting said one year-old all day deserves a gin and tonic tall that night, no questions asked.
  • Making muscles is hard — making fat is easy. Kinda like some ridiculous yin-yang joke.
  • If a woman accidentally makes a fart noise in a gym, no one pays attention because they assume it’s from one of the guys.
  • A woman in a gym filled with sweaty guys is invisible — Yay!
  • Flowers grow crooked in my yard.
  • On the day it’s 113 degrees in Phoenix, your air conditioning — without fail — picks that day to quit.
  • Poetry falls from a poet’s mind only when the poet isn’t looking.
  • Same with fiction.
  • Same with non-fiction.
  • One dirty diaper cancels out the good aromas from a hot-from-the-oven tray of chocolate chip cookies.
  • Flowers stand crooked in my vase, no matter how many times I ask them to stand straight.
  • Every man, woman and whatever would be wise to vote for a democrat next time.
  • Dogs don’t smell if you love them.
  • Children grow up.
  • Husbands are really good if they’re good before they become husbands.
  • Most every day is amazing.

That’s all I know today. I’ll try to find more things to know tomorrow.

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