Here’s What Love Would Do


Love would Google her fingers off until an answer was found
To make sense and rekindle the health of her loved one.

Love would dust the house in the midst of a
Story storm that envelopes that very house.

Love would kiss the morning neck of the man (or woman) who showed you
A rainbow the evening before.

Love would fix your backyard sprinkler,
Your split-in-two heart,
Your grammar and punctuation,
Your terror regarding stinging insects.

Love would turn a pancake for you.

Love would run his fingers over your old typewriter
Like it’s a treasured friend.

Love would not change your past, but rather,
Enhance your future.

Love would help you
Figure things out …
What to watch on Friday night.

Love would help you dig deep, find your story,
Enhance, hang pictures on the wall, paint first,
Change colors, do it again, fix, mend, weave,
Dream, scheme, age, lose, find, adore, reject,

It would say … Oh, oh, that … that I adore.

Love would find you.

Find you.

Find you.


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