The Kindness of Expand-o-Foam


We’ve been having scorpion problems in our house,
As happens now and then in Phoenix.

The bug guy came this morning.
Sprayed inside and out.

Then Dan decided to place expand-o-foam
Under the cabinets
… In the spaces …
Where scorpions might enter.
As we worked, he spraying,
Me cleaning up behind,
The following conversation occurred:

Me: If I were to die first, you’d be able to take care of things, no?
Him: Hmmmm.
Me: So I think I should die first, to be polite, you know.
Him: Naw … I don’t so much like scorpions. Ordinarily I’d say you first,
But not when stinging things are concerned.
I’ll go first, if you don’t mind.
Me: No.
Him: Get a nice condo – you should have a nice one.
And on a high floor where there are no scorpions.

We’re so silly.

We know we don’t have a choice in the matter.
Nevertheless, my Dan is so kind to me!
He fills the spaces in my heart,
Much like his expand-o-foam.

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