It Takes What it Takes

holding handsMy sister smiled today.

It took an hour and a half of engagement,
Asking questions,
Making banal statements.

Dreaming up what to do.

Then, I quoted a nursery rhyme:
Hey Diddle Diddle,
The cat in the fiddle. . .

She smiled!
That was good enough.

2 thoughts on “It Takes What it Takes

  1. Wonderful observation, Auburn. I remember once, not so many years ago, when my mom was having a very quiet day and I had talked to her to try to get a reaction…all to no avail. It was just one of those days. Then, on TV, someone said, “What you talkin’ about?” My mom smiled and sat up straight, pointed at the TV and said, “What YOU talkin’ about?” That question became our private joke for a very long time afterwards.

  2. Auburn never ceases to amaze me with her word pictures, wonderful observation.