New Year, New Life, New Word!

An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.

~ Bill Vaughn

I always get flustered as each year turns. This year is no different, and may even possibly be worse than normal. 2011 was certainly interesting around the old Bloggybirdery. Many plusses, lots of stay-the-courses, and certainly one last-minute event that could be looked upon from either an optimistic or pessimistic viewpoint, depending on the moment and the angle of shadows or light across the day.

Dan is recovering from lung surgery. Slowly.

I’m relieved. Joyously.

While you are all—perhaps—wildly making New Year Resolutions, may I offer this thought? Instead of worrying over lists of things to improve upon, I’ve decided to locate one word to incorporate to define how I’ll view the the coming year.

I offer that finding your word for the coming year is well more fun than making lists of deprivation and strident improvement.

Here’s my word for 2012: Certainty!

According to Voltaire, “Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.”

I don’t mean to contradict the likes of Voltaire, but still … Au contraire!

With certainty, I welcome the New Year, with its promise of more turns and twists than a Hitchcock mystery—how fun is that? With certainty, I give myself over to the Joy! of another year with all its promise of  new adventure and blissful life.

I like my word. I placed my new word over my desk. It’s my Word!

If you were to have a word, what would yours be?

8 thoughts on “New Year, New Life, New Word!

  1. Ask.

    As in, Ask and you shall receive.
    Or, ask how you can help.

    I suppose Ask is the opposite of Certain, though certainty seems a solid declaration of being.

    Happy New Year, Auburn. May certainty be yours.

    P.S. The security word I was asked to type before posting this comment was calamities. That is most definitely not a word I wish to claim.

    • Drew, you are so very dear! I love your word … Ask. I don’t know that your word is opposite to mine, but rather, complimentary. If you Ask for a grand New Year, I shall have Certainty for its gift to you.

      Sorry for the random security word — it made me laugh and laugh and laugh, though.


    • Thank you so much for your word, Gregory. Courage is one of those words that you hope never to have to operate within, but when you need it, will be available.

      I admire your “courageous” work and wish you all the best this coming year.


  2. Changed

    For me it has dual meaning, some of my life has been forever changed this past year, some will be changed in this new year–ready or not. I am actually considering inking “I am changed” on my finger in Hebrew–which in itself is a big change for this anti-tatoo person, but this summer, “Time for change” came to me very strongly, and has been the pervasive thought in the forefront of my mind since then, until just this week when ” I am changed” came with the acceptance of the loss of an unborn child, emotional and physical pain, and disappointment, and with the resolution of expecting a better tomorrow–better things from/for others and from/for myself. Bitter sweet but resolute. I wish only great changes for you, my dear friend. I love you so!

    • Lisa — your word is perfect for you this coming year. Yes, you’ve had so many challenges this past year, and your word, Changed, can be only looked at as a loving reminder that you continue to shine brighter than ever. You are such a lovely friend and I love you dearly. I want a picture of that tattoo, should you have it done.

      Hugs, Auburn