And so the Holidays Begin

If you are like me, you love Christmas.  You love that twinkle twinkle, starry night, angel-on-top-of-the-tree feeling.  You love the lights, the ornaments you’ve collected over the years, the crackle of wrapping paper, holiday songs on the radio.  You drive around your city just to see the decorations of people who are way more ambitious and younger than you.  You ooh and aah every time you see your own Christmas decorations because they are yours.  You love how you’ve made space in your home for something faithful and timeless.  You especially love the holidays and traditions of others.  Hanakkah.  Winter Solstice.  Kwanzaa.  Boxing Day.

You even love how all this starts on a very poorly named day — Black Friday.  Then, of course, we’ve added Cyber Monday now to really get us in the spirit.  It’s all part of the tradition and … if you’re like me … you love every moment of the holidays.

This year is especially Christmasy around the old bloggybirdery — because two teeny tiny little boys are part of the magic.

It’s only a temporary living arrangement, but nevertheless, hooray for the delight in the eyes of  the grand little children.  What could be better than getting through a Santa picture session without a major meltdown?  What could be more engaging than watching two little boys help decorate cookies with sprinkles and squiggles of frosting?  What could be more heartwarming than a sleeping child draped over your shoulder after a long night’s wait for Santa to show up?

I love every moment of this because I know that next year’s holidays will be back to the quiet of just Dan and me … and the doggies, of course.

In the meantime, I also love photos like the one above that remind me of my own childhood Christmases that were always wild with thoughts of Santa and snow and waiting up way past my bedtime for the clatter of reindeer hoofs and a hearty ho ho ho.

P.S.  This year, my dear Dan cracked open a bottle of Cold Duck and then decorated the tree while I was gone on a business trip.  It’s very cute how only the top half of the tree has ornaments.  I’ll leave it the way it is because the gesture of Dan drunk-decorating is just too charming to change.  (Insert smiley face here)

One thought on “And so the Holidays Begin

  1. The picture would look nice as a Christmas Card, I think.

    I think the little ones presence will add so much to your Christmas enjoyment! I miss the days when our daughter was younger and full of wonder at the Holidays.