This Could Be How Lemonade Got Started

Families:  We bond and birth and grow and sometimes sadly diminish.  We tip over and right ourselves again.  We’re generations old and still we’re fresh and new.  We operate with the code that it’s okay to treat each other in ways that we would NEVER allow an outsider.  (I can call my sister ugly, but boy, you’d better not!)  We argue and make up and then do it all again.  We love.  We disappoint.  We make green jell-o with little marshmallows because that’s what our mothers always made.  We metaphorically light the bar-b-que and then walk away for someone else to cook the meal.  We hug our children endlessly and place them in tearful time outs.  We do our best.  We always do our best.

Still, sometimes little families fail in spite of everyone’s best efforts.

Because of that simple truth — that sometimes things just don’t work out — our little bloggybirdery here at the place is about to swell and grow and most assuredly become very, very noisy.  We’ve already incorporated one cat.  In just a few days we’ll be adding one very large Boxer, one grown daughter and two teeny tiny little boys into the mix.  Somewhere down the line, we might think about turtles, fish, hamsters and gerbils.

For a season of indeterminate length, we get to have some grand and maybe even some poignant family moments.  For however long it takes for my daughter to regain her legs and heal and find her wind again, we’re going to get to spend countless precious hours reading Dr. Seuss and watching Mickey’s Clubhouse with doggies all around and certainly a cat on someone’s lap.  We’re going to laugh and cry and, with all the noise and hugs we can deliver, we’re going make the best of it all.

So to recap, we now have One Labradoodle, One Golden Retriever, Two Lizards that skitter back and forth on the patio, Two Dead Scorpions … and now One Cat (that Wilson insists would taste like chicken if I’d just give him a chance).  Within a few days, we shall add One Huge Boxer, One Daughter and Two Teeny Tiny Little Boys.  Hoo boy!

This is called Family with a Capital OMG … and I believe that this is certainly how the first glass of lemonade was made and now how GrandMommy Blogs get started.

3 thoughts on “This Could Be How Lemonade Got Started

  1. Nickie, I am so amazed how the words just flow and come out just right. I showed this one to Victoria, she was very impressed.
    Good Blessings to you and your family.