On Being Zombie

Learn the Michael Jackson Thriller Dance, the brochure read.

Okay, so a lifetime of sedentary desk work brings a woman to the point where it’s either get up and move or sit there and spread. Since the spreading of Auburn McCanta was already well under way, I decided to find something to get me going. Scanning through the brochure of classes offered at my local Parks & Rec for some sort of fun, yet kick-my-booty exercise, I found this. Well, it was either this or a class on how to bathe cats for fun and profit.

So, I found myself last evening (with two other, shall we say, women of a certain age), surrounded by giggling teenagers with teensy little bodies and noodley hips who weren’t even born when the ground-breaking Thriller video was made. May I offer that there is a noticeable difference between women who can’t bend to the floor without getting stuck and tiny little creatures who can leap and bend into Gumby pretzel shapes without screaming for mercy?

I’ll let you guess which category I might fit into.

Now, as I embark now on my new career as a Performance Dancer, I just want to say …

Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

4 thoughts on “On Being Zombie

  1. 😀

    Many an evening in my living room was spent on this dance. Shannon and I got quite proficient at it although I look more like a zombie these days than dance like one.

    You go girl!


    • Shelly — You SO do NOT look like a zombie, although you work so hard, I’m sure you feel zombie many days. I tried practicing in the bathroom mirror after I got home last night and Dan was all … Um, you’re not going to freeze up in that position are you? I’m NOT calling 911 if you get stuck in that pose.

      He’s so supportive! 🙂

  2. Did you take the Thriller class? I was thinking about it. I really want to take a West Coast Swing class…

    • Well, I’m a Thriller flunkie … but still looking for a dance class where I don’t need a partner and I don’t have to be a teenager. I think West Coast Swing is way out of my league too …. ???