All The News That’s Fit to Print

So here I am … trying on my sunglasses and packing for a trip to Nashville, Tennessee.  NASHVILLE!!!  The city of Stars!  Singers.  With guitars.  Folks who drink sweet tea and can’t say a sentence without mentioning y’all somewhere in the mix.  The Grand Ole Opry.  Tex’s World Famous Bar-B-Que.  Boots.  Hats.  Yes Ma’ams.  Yups.

So, should my fingernails be done up in leopard print or …

(you know I love it) starry night?

Honestly, what would Reba wear?  And would she order the grits and eggs, or the fried chicken and okra?

Do I need a Dolly Parton wig or my usual Life is Good baseball cap?

C’mon,  all y’all .. I need some serious help here.  Keith Urban might notice me.  Brad Paisley.  Carrie Underwood. The Dixie Chicks!?!?  Most especially, people returning to their recently flooded homes and lost lives.

So, is it leopard or starry night … or the unpolished tenderness of humanity?  You have one day to respond … GO!!!!

8 thoughts on “All The News That’s Fit to Print

  1. I like natural everything (unpolished) just shiny buffed. Life is Good Baseball cap, Okra=very slippery and nasty. Grits and eggs, sunnyside up.

    • Don, I don’t know how you did it, but you’ve just defined me and every one of my itty-bitty quirks. Yeah, Okra is totally slippery and nasty just like that unmentionable, won’t-pass-my-lips, eggplant. But, somehow, when okra is bathed in egg and breading and then dipped into heated oil and a Southern prayer, it doesn’t seem so slippery anymore. I think you understand that.

      Thanks for being such a great friend!


  2. We are so having it ALL!!! We may start out with leopard nails, and finish the week with starry night. We will have fried okra with dinner and cheese grits and eggs sunny side up, we will try to learn to drink sweet tea and then laugh our way down from the sugar high. We will have mint julips with nice hair and good old beer with baseball caps. We are gonna live high on the hog and have a ball!!! I VOTE LEOPARD!!!! But wait for me!!!

  3. By the way, I think I will fit in just fine–ya’ll is part of my regular college educated married to an english major vocabulary. The one that really gets him is when I say I am “fixin” to do something. That and chicken fried steak–what a sissified Californian.

    • I’ve been practicing my y’alls and my fixins and even my git-er-dones, much to the chagrin of my Jesuit-educated, don’t-even-put-those-grits-near-me husband. Yes, Ma’am, we’re going to have a blast.