And Here we Are …

Yes, here we are:  Catless in Phoenix.

I feel strange.

Before I say anything further, I want to say this … responsible pet ownership is, well, responsible.  And grown-up.  And mature.  And it should be carefully considered before assuming any care for an animal … or even a snake or a gerbil or one of those lizardy things that make me go all shaky and blechy.  Even a worm farm should be thought out to the extreme before making a casual commitment and hauling that stinky box of dirt into your home or office.

Pets aren’t disposable things that you can slip into and out of like a pair of  ill-fitting jeans.  Pets — even worms — have happiness and pain and sadness and joy.  Well, I really don’t know about worms, but still …..

I said all that to say this:  Lavern the Cat is happy.  No, I mean she is really, really happy.  She’s now with a lovely woman and making friends with other cats.  She has her Peeps now.  No dogs.  Just cats and a really cool young woman with a purple hair streak and a smile that makes you need sunglasses around her.

Laverne the Cat is in total love and I couldn’t be happier for her.

From the time Laverne was abandoned in our rental house — until now — it has been an adventure of trial and failure and trial again.  We wanted so much for her to fit in, but the divide between cat and dog was simply too much for her to cross.  I honor her for sticking to her guns in that respect.  She wanted nothing to do with dogs and, in our house, she was required to make that sacrifice.  She couldn’t do that and so we were the wrong house for her.  But now … NOW!!!

In the lingo of pet placement folks, she has found her “forever home.”

Still, I’ve added a No-Pet clause to all future rental agreements.  I’m too sensitive, too thoughtful, too generous to ever go through this again.  I cried.  No, I sobbed!  I felt like I was re-abandoning her.

I LIKED Laverne.  Who wouldn’t like a cat named Laverne?  So, now I have another creature to add to my litany of people, animals and things that are the subject of my nightly prayers.  The list is getting long.  Very long.

Even though Laverne doesn’t live with us any more, I’ll always remember her.  Fondly.  Always.

I suppose I should mention that I’ve abandoned that notion of bringing home a worm farm unless I check it out with the dogs first.  Maybe worms really do have feelings.

I might think about chickens, though.  I’ve always wanted a yard filled with chickens.  What do you think?

0 thoughts on “And Here we Are …

  1. Better (perhaps) than being “Sleepless in Seattle,” but not as good as being snowless in Spokane.

    Our next door neighbors adopted a cat a few years ago. “Angel” has become the neighborhood cat, and will often drop over for a visit now and then. Really a sweet kitty. Seems to have found the home that she feels comfortable in.

    • I wish we had snow here, Dave. We’re definitely snowless in Phoenix with our 85F heat this week. In fact, it’s time for our annual contest to name the date and time for our first 100F degree day. I find that obnoxious, although Dan is looking forward to summer. He’s a sick man!

      The AZ Republic just featured a “neighborhood” cat. Amazing that any cat here survives outdoors with our roaming coyotes, rattlesnakes and other assorted creatures that are on the continual lookout for a nice kitty snack. Dan and I are totally open to having a cat, but he/she will need to DEAL WITH THE DOGS. Laverne loves her new home with her cat peeps and her new woman. I couldn’t be happier for her.


  2. A change from the normal is always welcome. Nice this year to not have the snow piling up. And I know you would welcome a little, just for the change.
    We aren’t into the 80s, but did get into the 60s a couple of days ago. Really a beautiful day.