And the Winner is ….


Among a certain group, cage fighting is all the rage.  The gorier, the better.  The cagier, the better.  Not so much here at the Bloggybirdery.  We enjoy our no-drama days, our gentle nights of mostly PG-fare television.  It helps us sleep better, dream kinder, wake sweeter.

Okay, so we’re boring.

But what happens when two drama avoiding adults and two set-in-their ways dogs decide to toss a cat in the midst of all this colloquial nicety?

Fur.  That’s what you get.  A whole lot of whizzing fur chasing up and down the stairs.  Flying in and out and all around.  A small-footed wad of fur sliding under the bed just in time to escape the teeth of some big-footed fur thing.  Large fur barking at small fur.  Small fur hissing at giant fur.  Furless people yelling NO, NO at furred things.  Furred things blind, deaf and dumb to those furless things hollering at them.

What you get is ultimate cage fighting, DancingBirds style.

You get Whip It! with an audacious cat named Laverne who’s faster than a tattooed toughie on roller skates.

You get Drama with a capital D.

But alas, the high excitement of a good roller derby match turned out to be more than we could handle.  Laverne, for all her bravery in the face of giant barking dogs, packed her game duffel and went back to her former home.

Her other “mommy” missed her and wanted her back.

It would seem that Laverne has that effect.  Crazy-making when she’s around … but when she’s gone, she’s missed like mad.  We miss her now, but the good news is that we’ll still get to see her whenever we wish … and all that roller derby gear can be put away for another day.

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  1. So sorry Laverne had to go, but it sounds like good fun was had by all while she was there.