Oh To Have My Marshmallow

Do you want your marshmallow now, now, now!? Or will you wait and receive TWO marshmallows? I especially relate to the child who pets his marshmallow like it’s a small bird. Then he kisses it. Then he waits.

0 thoughts on “Oh To Have My Marshmallow

  1. I’m surprised that so many of the kids held out as long as they did! I tend to have a related problem whenever Eva buys jelly beans. As long as I don’t have the first one, I’m fine. If I do eat one, it’s never one, but a few for now, a few more, and a few more!

  2. Is there something supposed to be showing up here…cuz I ain’t seein’ it. Just a lonely expanse of white.

    Please advise (quickly!!) 🙂

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