Go I-10 East for 1,000 Miles, Then Stop

I’ve never been to San Antonio.  In fact, I’ve never been anywhere in the Longhorn state of Texas.  Nor have I traveled through the Land of Enchantment.

We’re excited!  Really.

It’s a Dan and Auburn road trip away from the dry heat of Phoenix and into the steam cooker of San Antonio.  It doesn’t get much better than this, folks.  A thousand miles of blistering road under a high pressure heat wave bigger than … well, bigger than the size of Texas.

It’s a two-day drive each way, but we’ll play a couple of Agatha Christie mysteries to keep us enthralled and — if there’s one — we’ll stop at some roadside attraction that boasts of giant plastic dinosaurs and shaved ice in paper cones.  I like strawberry syrup drizzled over mine.  Dan always goes for the grape.

When we get to San Antonio, we’ll spend two days trying to stay upright under the humidity.  Then we’ll pack the car back up and drive two days back home.  I tell ya, life doesn’t get much better than four days in the car under a sweltering sun, with your honey, sweatin’ to the oldies.

Did I mention I’ve never been to Texas?  I wonder if I’ll write with a drawl when I get back.

0 thoughts on “Go I-10 East for 1,000 Miles, Then Stop

  1. Really? Oh my goodness! What a trip and what a fun thing to do! Enjoy the out and about-ness and also the blessed glorious coming home to enjoy even more the porch, your own shower and lemonade for all!

  2. Oh yeah, Shel. 1,000 miles of glorious glories — each way. Dan doesn’t drive on the highway at all any more, so old “lead-foot” here will be keeping the oily side down for four days worth of fun and frolics. It’ll be fun driving through two states I’ve never been, though. I’m taking my laptop and plan to chronicle the trip — that is, of course, if there’s anything to see other than flat, flat, flat.

    Wish us luck! I have a feeling that about day three I’ll be looking forward to that lemonade porch and my own potty room more than I ever thought possible. 🙂


  3. Welcome to my part of the woods. New Mexico won’t be that enchanting the way you are coming–flat, flat, flat…Dan will be relieved. Hope the driving seems quick, the visit long, and the drive home even faster. Let me know if we can meet in Las Cruces–I would love it!

  4. Hey Lisa — That would be so fun to meet you in what I’m certain must be a thriving and cosmopolitan city — Las Cruces. Wilson won’t be with us, but I’m sure even without our resident clown, we could drum up some pretty wicked fun.

    We’ll talk.