May Day, Mayday!!!

Those of us who work from home in our jammies as tortured writers have, at last, been given the best excuse to stay abed until noon — swine flu.

It’s our duty, as stay-at-home writers to … well, perhaps stay at home and work out those plot kinks that have been bugging us.  Maybe tweak some stilted dialogue in the third act of our latest play.  Perhaps write some dark and twisty poetry.  Or, at the very least, play with a Random Name Generator for some really cool character names.  In fact, playing just now, I found the name, Carmella Crinklaw.  I’m keeping that one for future reference.  Carmella Crinklaw.  Doesn’t that just sound perfect for the nosy neighbor in a mystery story?

This may be the opportune time to be that solitary, angst-ridden writer; lonely in the pursuit of excellence, but happy nevertheless for some meager progress.

At the very least, we can work on a design for those now-fashionable flu masks that even movie stars and fashionistas are sporting.

Happy angsting.

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