The Newness of More

I’ve discovered that part of being a writer is to foster one’s opinions to a fine degree.  Dan says I’ve got a lock on the highly opinionated part, but he doesn’t know so much about the fine degree part.  I have an opinion about that, though I’ll save my thoughts for another post.  Just know that the Mister of the House is hiding behind his newspaper right about now.

Many of you know that I served as an Election Correspondent for the Huffington Post prior to our recent national election.  The journalistic bug, once it bites, is hard to shake off.  Just to keep my chops up, I’ve added blogging on the Arizona Republic online newspaper to my list of daily writing duties.

Click HERE to read the post.  (Sorry.  I’m not nerdy enough to know how to do anything but add a simple “click here” link, but if you know how to pretty it up, I’d sure appreciate the help.)

Now, maybe you don’t want to increase your workload, but if you feel so inclined, please feel free to drop by this AzCentral blog and leave a comment.  I’d love to hear opinions from my DancingBird writers … and the nice folks at the newspaper would be especially delighted to have your opinion.  Someone told me that is one of the top 20 online news outfits in the country.  If you leave a comment, you’ll be able to perhaps mention in your resume that you provide comment for a nationally-prominent news source, without stretching the truth too much.  Smiley-face, smiley-face.

Remember, one man’s opinion is another man’s opinion … or something like that.

The point is that we’re living in a unique time when we are being encouraged by our top leaders to express our thoughts, offer solutions to some unprecedented issues, rant and rave if we must, but then turn ourselves toward the notion of listening intently to the wisdom of others.  Somewhere within our wildest disagreements, there resides lovely kernels of inspiration.

When we offer our opinions, we open ourselves to the possibility of learning from others.

Also remember:  We’re writers!  The words we receive in return for allowing others to hear our thoughts often become fodder for characters, story lines, conflict, drama and magic.

So, come on, folks!  I need you — Come on … Become a character in my next book.  I dare ya.

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