Good Friends and Their Fur People

Several days ago, I received a wonderful email from my friend and reader, Dave McChesney.  He sent me a delightful montage of his beloved dogs; both have sadly passed now.  I’m honored Dave chose to share this with me and all you Dancing Birds.  I present his email, unedited and in its entirety, because it’s a beautiful homage to his dogs.


Hi Auburn,

Since we’ve been discussing dogs lately, I thought you might enjoy a few photos of our four legged “kids.” Yeah, the two legged one got in on one of them as well.

Tanya is the golden colored one. Tiffany is the black one. Jessica is the human! The two dogs together was taken when they were fairly young. We were still in China Lake, California. I like this particular photo because Tiffany’s sly personality seems to come out. Being so dark it was always hard to capture any expression she might be exhibiting. I think the one of Tanya not in the snow was taken there as well. Tanya in the snow was taken at our first house here in Spokane. So was the one with both Tiffany and Jessica. Carrying her dish around was one of Tiffany’s habits…she was a real chow hound. She’d eat like crazy and then act as if she was saying, “that was good! What was it!” One had to count one’s fingers after hand feeding her. On the other hand, Tanya always carefully investigated anything offered her, and only then would she gently and daintily take it. Jessica looks like she’s about three years old, so these photos were all taken several years ago.


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