Miss Scarlett

Our lovely Miss Scarlett is beginning to slow down.  She’s graying around the muzzle and eyes.  She walks through the house now, unlike Wilson who dances about singing, I’m too sexy for my fur, too sexy for my paws, too sexy for my tail, too sax-seeeee.

Miss Scarlett is a lady; she’s dainty.  She takes a while longer to stand now, to take that first halting step, to eat her meals, to come when her name is called.   She’s still up for a rousing game of bone wars, but these days, she’d rather lounge than lunge.

She’s become someone who Boy Scouts would escort across the street.

We take precautions with her; we have every lump and bump immediately and carefully examined by the vet, we no longer ask her to sit for cookies, her walks are shorter and slower.   We want her with us for a very long time.  We won’t care if she drools from the side of her mouth or needs Depends® to get through the day.

Scarlett is that special — that irreplaceable.

She’s a woman of grace and beauty who simply wears fur to every occasion.

Then there’s Wilson!

0 thoughts on “Miss Scarlett

  1. Do you remember the Tom T. Hall song, “Old Dogs, Children, and Watermelon Wine?”

    There is certainly something wonderful about an older dog. We might enjoy the antics an energy of a pup, but the quiet loyalty of one begining to slow a little is equally enjoyable. We watched the two we had since they were pups slow down as the years went by. Tanya aged with dignity, while Tiffany refused to admit it. Even when she was completely gray around the muzzle and could hardly walk, she insisted on jumping, rather than stepping from the curb. She did that one time and had all four go out from under her. She spraddled there on the gutter and gave me an, “I meant to do that!” look.

    I hope Miss Scarlett has many more years with you, and that she is comfortable. I know she is loved.

  2. Oh, Dave … thank you so much. I relate to your Tiffany and her gutter issues. I also relate to your lovely and dignified Tanya (I should be so gracious).

    We love our Miss Scarlett even with her gray muzzle, stiff hips and slower gait. She is a consummate Southern Lady, if ever there was one. In my mind, she would be Jessica Tandy in “Driving Miss Daisy.” Genteel, yet spunky.