What to Do for Lent

I do backwards Lent.  Instead of giving up something, I ADD something.  That way I’m not obligated to give up my lattes or my evening wine or my foul mouthed ways.  Sweet!

This year I’ve decided to add one writing task a day toward publication.  Forty days (if you don’t count Sundays) and forty nights of sacrificial writing.  I’ll offer up each word as if it were a lamb. 

My mother-in-law would be proud.  I remember one morning when I was next to her during church.  I was fidgeting during the knealing part because my knees don’t work that way and I fidget from side to side until the people around me want to scream out STOP IT, even though it’s church and all.  So I was doing my famous fidget when my dear mother-in-law leaned over and whispered,  “Offer it up, dear.  That might help.”

That’s when I thought to add things to my Lenten devotion, since I don’t go to church and the Pope wears little red Prada shoes and my tithe goes toward misanthropic adventures anyway.

So, again, I’ll do backwards Lent.  Each day until Easter … regardless what’s going on, I’ll do my best (operative word alert) to write a poem or a letter to an agent … or a sentence or so to my latest effort in novel writing.

I’ll share with you as I can and I’d love it if you’d share with me.  I’ll showcase your work!!!!!

Deal?  Deal


P.S.   The swollen, freckled and bandaged hand above is mine.  We’re healing, the hand and me.  Healing nicely, thank you.

0 thoughts on “What to Do for Lent

  1. Auburn,
    I absolutely love your blog, peaceful with a smidgen of spunk! (like me, well, OK, not really, I’m spunky with a smidgen of peace.)
    I’ll be back, for sure.
    Also, I agree with your reverse Lent theory. I believe it is more of a sacrifice to give your time and commitment to a cause rather than take away something that is insignificant, unless you’re talking lattes, in which case are a necessity. : )

  2. Mary Jo — Thank you for commenting on my lowly blog. I’m incredibly honored!

    Now, for that smidgen of peace thing — I guarantee my poor sainted hubby has his hands full now and then with the likes of me. Hahahaha.