So Close to Christmas


Against doctor’s orders I’m sneaking a quick howdy to my dear friends.  After half a box of cheap wine, my wrist says, “Go for it, baby.”

So, Howdy!  (We tip our ten gallons and say “howdy” here in the southwest.)

It’s cooled all the way to 60 degrees in Phoenix, a bit lower at night.  Please don’t hate me.  I know everyone else is suffering under frozen skies and icy grounds.  Not here.  Nope.  We’re playing golf (at least those of us with good wrists) and we’re hiking the hills (at least those of us who haven’t recently broken their legs) and we’re shopping (now we’re talking my language!)

I hope Santa is good to you all.  I’m asking for a new wrist so I can write again.  I’ll bet Poe never had a bad wrist.  Or Shakespeare.  Of course, then there’s Finkelstein.  Oh, never heard of Finkelstein?  Well, he had a bad wrist.  Poor old Finkelstein.

0 thoughts on “So Close to Christmas

  1. Quite honestly I’m not minding our 0 and single digit temperature day. Nor do I mind the approximately two feet of snow we have on the ground. The only problem is that it came all at once and it has just about paralyzed everything in the region. I’m just glad that it snowed while cold. The snow is light, fluffy, and a lot easier to shovel or even drive in that were it heavy and wet. We are supposed to get more over the next few days. Can you say “White Christmas!” Which by the way I heard multiple times as I was driving home from work the past couple of days.
    PS For someone who has consumed half a box of wine, your post seems remarkably error free!

  2. Aw, Dave … You make me smile! Enjoy your White Christmas while I enjoy that other half a box of wine. Stay safe in the snow and build a snowman or make a snow angel for me. I do miss those bundled-up days of living in the Pacific Northwest.

  3. Right now it’s such a dry powdery snow that it doesn’t pack. So, no chance to make snowmen. (As a kid in Alaska, we always had to wait until Spring and the beginning thaw to make anything in the snow.