For You …


For you living in the north, suffering under the cold … this is for you.   (Here, in the desert, it’s cooled all the way down to 70 degrees — sorry.)

Poor North

by Mark Strand

It is cold, the snow is deep,
the wind beats around in its cage of trees,
clouds have the look of rags torn and soiled with use,
and starlings peck at the ice.
It is north, poor north. Nothing goes right.

The man of the house has gone to work,
selling chairs and sofas in a failing store.
His wife stays home and stares from the window into the trees,
trying to recall the life she lost, though it wasn’t much.
White flowers of frost build up on the glass.

It is late in the day. Brants and Canada geese are asleep
on the waters of St Margaret’s Bay.
The man and his wife are out for a walk; see how they lean
into the wind; they turn up their collars

0 thoughts on “For You …

  1. Started snowing Friday as I came home from work. Not that cold, so what snow accumulated was wet and sloppy. Went out Saturday to shovel… we didn’t get nearly as much as “they” had predicted… and found that it was colder than I had expected. Windy too, which doesn’t help at all. The cold spell is supposed to last through the week I think.