Me, the Dogs, and Those Flies

Okay, so here we are — Scarlett, Wilson and me … day two of being Home Alone … and all we’ve done so far is to devolve into a ridiculous recreation of the story of those poor British school boys stuck on a deserted island.  Sadly, we’re not governing ourselves any better than they did.

With no responsible adults to give supervision, we’re already dividing into camps of Bigguns and Littluns.

Wilson, nicely misinterpreting the role of Piggy, has managed to drag in an entire tree from the backyard and then litter the house with every toy he owns.  Nice job, Wilson!

Scarlett has volunteered to play Ralph only if she gets to set the Island on fire, claiming it’ll match her beautiful flaming red hair.  Great, Scarlett!

And me?  I’m about to be captured by Ralph and Piggy and my only hope is that that handsome Navy officer will come home and save his poor little wife from the onslaught of these savage beasts.

Okay, so it’s not exactly the plot of Lord of the Flies by Nobel winner, William Golding, but it sure feels similar.  Poor Dan is going to come back to a mess of scattered toys, tree branches, dirty dishes and a wife hanging by her fingertips off the edge of a cliff.  I guess it could be worse.  We could throw a cat into the middle of it all, you know!

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