Out of Seemingly Bad …

It’s been several weeks since I broke my leg.  I’m making progress; thanks for asking.  I’m told that in a couple more weeks, I may be able to gingerly try to place some weight on that leg.  The operative words are “maybe” and “some.”  The physical therapist says it will be many months before I’ll be close to normal.  The interruption of life on a broken leg has been at times painful, at times merely inconvenient, but mostly it’s been an opportunity to reevaluate and explore writing for unexpected sources.

Spending hours at my computer, outlining, drafting, or perfecting anything of any substantive length is totally beyond my current capacity.  But that doesn’t mean that I’ve had to give up writing.  Au contraire, my dear Bloggybirdery friends.  An old Italian proverb says, “The river does not swell with clear water.”   Neither does a writer fill with only one thought.

I’d never have thought to write opinion pieces for the prestigious HuffingtonPost, much less be honored with their acceptance of my submissions had I not been stuck with my leg in the air and a laptop on my chest.  In the political blog world, they’re the Big Boys and I’m still all “who me?” because they published my article.  I’d never have thought to spend time writing some thoughtful poetry and short articles to add to my portfolio.  Shoot, who’da thought the misery of a broken leg would be a resume item.

Certainly, I’d rather be off running to my favorite latte joint to work on book edits rather than stuck on my couch for what now feels like half a lifetime.  I’d rather be SHOPPING, for heaven’s sake.  Or playing with the dogs.  Or going out for dinner with my hubby.  Anything other than dragging a three-pound leg weight across the landscape of this couch with permanent bed head, hairy legs, and the disposition of a wet scorpion.

The good news is … yeah,  there IS good news somewhere in all this, not the least of which would be those nice folks at HuffingtonPost (Hi, nice folks!) … this isn’t forever.  The other good news is that Dan’s golfing buddy is bringing dinner tomorrow night.

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